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What is Pre-ordering?

What is LankanCart Pre-ordering system?

Now you can pre-order Sri Lankan vegetables, leaves, fruits other dry food items before the goods reach to Dubai.

After we receive the order from you, we will get a consolidated vegetable, leaves and fruits shipment from Sri Lanka and deliver it to you without any wastage and most importantly at the best price.

This way you can buy any available vegetable, leaf and/or fruit to cook your favourite meal.

Benefits of pre-ordering with LankanCart?

-        You can buy your favourite vegetable, leaves and fruits at any quantity

   A variety of products in one place

-        There’s no need to stand in long ques to buy what you want

-        Delivered to you as soon the shipment arrived to United Arab Emirates

Things to consider when pre-ordering

-        There are instances that the pre-ordering items will be not available due various reasons like;

o   Unavailability of the products in Sri Lanka due to uncontrollable situations

o   Goods arrive damaged to Dubai and cannot be used for consumption.

-        In case of unavailability of products, you will be given the option of a refund in LankanCart store credits that can be used for a later purchase (only if you have made the payment online) or buy replacement products to match the bill value.

-        On the website, vegetable and fruits are sold at a fixed weight i.e 250g, 500g, 1kg. But at the time of delivery the weight could slightly change depending on the size of the vegetable or fruit. The amount will be adjusted accordingly and you will be charged only for the actual weight of the product. The surplus will be transferred as LankanCart Credits to your account. The deficit will be collected from you as Cash.


If you need more information you can email us on or call us or WhatsApp on +971 588661212