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Brand: Kelani Lanka Model: HTD613-055
AED 3.94
Ex Tax:AED 3.75
Brand: Link Natural Model: CFD613-148
Link Natural Enriched Paspanguwa is a unique product based on research carried out on ancient Ayurvedic formulations used to combat cold and cold related symptoms. The traditional “Paspanguwa” is a po..
AED 3.68
Ex Tax:AED 3.50
  • 25g

Brand: Link Natural Model: HTD613-105
AED 22.58
Ex Tax:AED 21.50
Brand: Link Model: CFD611-109
AED 18.00
Ex Tax:AED 17.14
Brand: Link Natural Model: CFD613-174
The drink is a blend of Nelli and Rasakinda which are known to be two powerful herbs that have been used in Ayurveda for centuries. The combination of Nelli and Rasakinda together effectively allay th..
AED 7.61
Ex Tax:AED 7.25
Brand: Link Natural Model: CFD613-173
In Ayurvedic system of medicine, one of the most frequently used preparations is Thriphala. This formulation contains the dried fruits of Aralu (Terminalia chebula Retz.), Bulu (Terminalia bellirica (..
AED 5.51
Ex Tax:AED 5.25
Brand: Link Natural Model: CFD613-144
AED 1.05
Ex Tax:AED 1.00
Brand: Link Natural Model: CFD613-145
AED 6.83
Ex Tax:AED 6.50
Brand: Siddhalepa Model: CFD613-167
AED 5.25
Ex Tax:AED 5.00
  • 385ml

Brand: Siddhalepa Model: CFD613-181
AED 49.99
Ex Tax:AED 47.61
  • 50pcs

Brand: Sugatha Model: CFD613-166
AED 11.03
Ex Tax:AED 10.50
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